Canada Needs Your Culinary Skills:

By Admin 16 Jun

Canada Needs Your Culinary Skills: Live and Work in Canada and Earn Up to $69,612 per Year

Are you trained in the culinary arts? Canada currently needs skilled chefs and cooks to join their community.

Provinces such as Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan are searching for talented individuals in the culinary sector who want to live and work in Canada. These four provinces have the highest demand for chefs and cooks, however, as a highly-skilled individual, you may be able to find employment anywhere in the country.

As an experienced cook, you can expect to earn around $45,886 and experienced chefs can earn about $69,612 per year.

If you are eligible and receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in Canada, both you and your family will have access to all of Canada amazing benefits, such as free public healthcare and education up until grade 12, not to mention that your spouse or partner will be able to apply for lucrative job offers in industries such as:

  • Nursing
  • IT
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Transportation
  • Finance

With Canadian citizens retiring earlier, and young professionals moving to urban hubs, the country has been suffering a shortage of skilled workers in certain industries. The government has therefore implemented a wide variety of programs to help resolve the issue, which has since been extremely successful.

With systems and programs such as the Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Programs helping smooth the way for skilled and semi-skilled to live and work in Canada, the economy has seen substantial improvements and growth.

As a skilled or semi-skilled worker, you can choose from over 70 different immigration programs and visas, giving you a better chance to start a new life for you and your loved ones abroad. But with all these options available to you, the process becomes complicated, especially when you aren’t sure which programs are best for you and will optimize your immigration and visa application.

This is why using a paid government-regulated immigration consultant is so important to secure your place in Canada. There are many services offering free eligibility evaluations and claim to offer legitimate services, however, will leave hopeful candidates disappointed.