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About Program

In the next 10 years, half the world’s population is expected to speak in English. In order to gain a competitive edge in professional and academic journey, one must be equipped with the linguistic skills of English.

FCMT’s one-year Certificate program is prepared for speakers of English as a second language who wish to improve their academic language skills for Canadian educational and professional environments. It will provide a strong foundation in academic oral and written communication for further postsecondary opportunities, as well as a career enhancement. Successful graduates of this program will gain entry into other regular programs offered by FCMT.

This program integrates reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with an academic focus. The curriculum is specifically designed for non-native speakers of English who want to improve their writing, communication and critical thinking skills for entry into college diploma, degree, and graduate certificate programs or for further professional development.

Small class sizes will provide students with an intensive English immersion experience. Students will be part of a rich international and cross-cultural environment created by classmates from a wide range of linguistic, educational and professional backgrounds.

Program Objectives

  • Develop, through general knowledge gained in a wide range of subjects, insight into both self and society.
  • Communicate competently at a level required for college studies, showing flexibility and clarity of thought and expression.
  • Utilize critical thinking processes and problem-solving techniques to anticipate problems related to language application in academic and workplace contexts.
  • Examine and evaluate various aspects of our changing society to assist in developing a sense of personal and social responsibility as a citizen in society.
  • Employ basic vocational skills required for college studies and/or the workplace.
  • Conduct research and write essays and reports according to academic conventions at a level required by college institutions and the workplace.

Program Structure

No Name Duration
01 EAP Level 2 [Intermediates] 12 Weeks
02 EAP Level 2 [Intermediates] 12 Weeks
03 EAP Level 3 [Advanced] 12 Weeks
Total 36 Weeks