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About Flair College

Flair College believes in honouring the legacy of innovation and creativity: delivering relevant programs in high demand career pathways. Flair College has been a pioneer and a leader in the regional Culinary Arts training Industry and has ventured successfully into the training of Business Studies, Language training and is continuously growing to add on the programs that will address the need of affordable comprehensive college experience with opportunity of development of the mind, body and spirit in an inclusive atmosphere providing world-class hands-on experiential learning experience in a caring, supportive and nurturing environment.

Flair College is registered as a private career college under the private career colleges act, 2005 and each of its programs is Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Flair College is one of the very few colleges in GTA which offers practice focused environment to its learners. Flair College offers a blend of theoretical and experiential learnings where students gain the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in today’s business world.

Why Flair College?

The success of the students of FCMT comes from outstanding instructions, personal attention, and commitment to excellence. At Flair College, we are extremely passionate about providing expertly trained graduates for the rapidly growing Business skills, food and hospitality industry worldwide. Some of the absolute advantages of learning at Flair College are small class sizes, dedicated, passionate and internationally trained Chef and Business instructors, a delicate blend of theory and hands-on professional training etc.

Our students have another comparative advantage of studying in a heterogeneous learning environment where local and international students share their passion for subjects through celebrating diversity and amalgamation of different cultures, which is very important for the world industry landscape.

Flair for Excellence

Under the umbrella of Flair College of Management and Technology, many long and shortterm programs like Certificate, Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma, are being offered which prepare the students for the challenges of the real world. These programs are the most suitable for the individual’s career ambitions like to become an Office Administrator, Supervisor / Manager, Personal chef, Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur, get a job, Opening one’s own business etc. Flair College’s programs are an intense, yet affordable way to achieve students’ career dreams.

The FCMT Advantage

  • Flair College of Management & Technology has much to offer! Along with providing quality education to our students by understanding their individual needs, we can also boast of an award-winning faculty, excellent facilities and dedicated teachers who would go that extra mile to ensure student success.
  • We want our students to have a fulfilling college experience. So we provide them with a supportive atmosphere that includes a team of individuals dedicated to helping them achieve their personal and educational goals.
  • When you choose FCMT, you're choosing to study in an institution that puts you above all else, providing everything you need to be successful, both inside the classroom and outside of it. We constantly upgrade our technology and curriculum to ensure that our students develop the skills and gain the experience that employers are looking for so that they are ready for tomorrow!
  • From elite learning facilities to one of the most incredible student experiences you'll find anywhere, we provide you with the tools and understanding necessary to turn your passion into reality. In short, FCMT is a smart investment for your future.